How to Make Air Conditioner from Refrigerator Compressor

If your refrigerator air compressor is not working perfectly and you want it to be converted into an air conditioner that is possible. Yes, you heard that right! We are here to show you how you can convert a refrigerator compressor to an air conditioner by doing appropriate changes. 

The process down below will enhance the convenience. All you have to do is to completely and perfectly adhere to the steps. The end product will be worth your effort and time. Dive in to get a DIY air conditioner in perfectly alright working condition. 

How to Make An Air Conditioner from Refrigerator Compressor- Thorough and Complete Guide 

The process of making an air conditioner from a refrigerator involves taking out the necessary parts from the refrigerator. These parts are crucial for the right performance of the air conditioner. With even one of them lacking, you will not be able to make a proper air conditioner. The parts are as follows

  • Condenser: The condenser is one of the most significant parts of the refrigerator as well as of the air conditioner. It holds the job of taking all the heat out of the system in order to cool down or lower the inside’s temperature. It transfers the heat from the inside and gets it out towards the outside unit placed for the purpose. 
  • Compressor: It is usually termed as the heart, signifying its importance rightly. This is by far the most important part of the refrigerator. This is due to the reason that it is responsible for the movement of the refrigerant. A refrigerant is a liquid that circulates and lowers the inside temperature. It is the working fluid of the cycle without which the refrigerator won’t perform its function right. 

The compressor works by adding necessary pressure to the required parts which raise the refrigerant temperature. This increased temperature of the refrigerant is responsible for the removal. This makes it all the heat which consequently lowers the inside temperature. 

  • Evaporator: It is again a very important part of the refrigerator. It carries the important job of keeping everything inside the refrigerator cooled. It evaporates the refrigerant changing its phase from liquid to gas. This is how it keeps the inside environment cooled. Therefore, the refrigerator is properly cooled and is appropriate for storing all kinds of foods. 

Let us now get to the steps on how to do this conversion. It is not an easy process. However, it is quite a tedious one, requiring labor and your precious time. Therefore, you have to make sure you are making the effort as well as your time worth it. To make that sure, you have to follow all the steps properly and should be very careful and cautious while doing this job. 

1. Disassemble Refrigerator

First and foremost, you are required to disassemble the whole refrigerator. This can be accomplished by carefully opening all the screws and separating all the units. For this, you will require a hammer and a screwdriver. Take a screwdriver and move it anticlockwise to loosen the screws and the nuts. After loosening, take the other side of the hammer and get those screws out. Always make sure to wear a safety helmet that will keep you protected. 

Takedown the sides of the refrigerator with the help of the hammer. This will produce thudding sounds therefore it is advised to wear ear cuffs. You need to hit the separated sides hard to completely take them off. The finned part on the rear of the refrigerator can be separated using a screwdriver. You will need other tools as well to take the foam down on the rear ends. This will get the evaporator out. 

2. Out Air Compressor

Once you can see the evaporator, pull that out. Next, you need to take the compressor out, the heart of the air conditioner. For this, you have to take the black finned part out completely which is there for effective heat transfer. After removing the foam, you will notice a black box of metal. This black box of metal on the rear bottom is the compressor. You have to take this out. This will come out with the evaporator as they are joined.

3. Aluminum Coverings

Next, remove the aluminum coverings from the evaporator. They are perfectly attached to it therefore, you have to cut them using a cutter. For this, you have to be really careful. The tubes are thin and therefore they bend a lot. This demands extra care. You should start by cutting the middle of the aluminum coverings. Then, you should proceed by cleaning out the ends. Wearing gloves is advised so that you don’t get hurt. 

4. Construct A Stand

Once you have cleaned the evaporator perfectly, you are required to construct a stand for the AC. This is due to the reason that without the stand, the tubes can’t stand in the upright position. They will be subjected to bending. The stand will be the cooling fan which has to stand right behind the evaporator tubes. This cooling fan can stand on the plastic bottom which will provide perfect support. 

To perfectly fasten the tubes with the cooling fan, take the help of the zip ties along with the ropes. By holding the tubes in a perfect position and at a perfect height, tie the ropes through the tubes and onto the fan coverings. Tighten it further using the zip ties. 

5. Black Fins

Take a rope to fasten the blackfins on the backside of the fan at a slope. Make an angle of 75 approximately with the back and lean it over the support. The condenser has to be positioned on the front side of the fan on the bottom support. The whole structure with a condenser on the front end of the fan, fins on the rear of the fan on support, and evaporator tubes right in front of the cooling fan should be fastened and adhered to each other through sturdy, quality ropes. Lastly, screw the condenser with the front support. 

The AC is ready. Place it anywhere and enjoy the cool air! 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can a refrigerator be used as an air conditioner?

No, a refrigerator cannot be used as an air conditioner as it carries the job of keeping the food items at a lower temperature. The only thing which you can do is to give you a little of the lower temperature by opening the refrigerator’s door. 

2. Can you turn a freezer into an air conditioner?

Yes, a freezer can be turned into an air conditioner. However, it requires a lot of effort and time. It is quite a strenuous job to accomplish. Moreover, it offers meager efficiency which doesn’t make it worth your time and effort. 

3. How much pressure does a refrigerator compressor make?

The pressure achieved through the refrigerator compressor depends upon its power capacity. If the refrigerator has a compressor guaranteeing a power capacity of 200 watts, it will be able to make pressure as high as 500 psi which is exceptional.