How to Inflate a Presta Valve with an Air Compressor

The Presta valve plays an important role in the inner pipe of the mountain bikes. It is also found in some road-style bikes. It has to be inflated in order to function properly. Therefore, you require a pump or air compressor to inflate this important valve. 

However, you must be wondering how to inflate a Presta valve with an air compressor. Well, believe us, it has never been easier. A Presta valve can be inflated with utmost ease using an air compressor. However, you have to adhere to the steps in order to successfully inflate the valve. Dive in! 

Extensive Guide on How to Inflate a Presta Valve Using an Air Compressor

If you ever find yourself in a fix with a Presta valve, only because you do not have a Presta valve along, stop worrying. Yes, we are going to tell you an uncomplicated way of inflating it using an air compressor. This is not just simple but also really quick. Therefore, this efficient method will let you back on your pleasant ride. Let us get to the steps. Make sure to follow them properly for the best results. 

1. Taking the Cap Off 

Take the wheel of the vehicle. The wheel on your motorbike will have a small valve on it which will be of a few inches. This valve is attached to the wheel and contains a cap, usually black, on top of it. You have to take this black cap off the Presta valve first. In case you do not see any cap on the valve, you need to get it from somewhere. You need to ask someone nearby you if they have it or purchase it from somewhere around since the cap is crucial to the whole process. 

2. Cutting the Top of the Cap

Now you are required to cut the upper end of the cap of the Presta valve. You need to separate the upper end just over the rim. Now you have the bottom half and the upper half. Throw the upper half away. This will leave you with the button half of the cap which will be used in the procedure. 

3. Putting the Cap Back

You have to take the bottom half of the valve and then take the wheel with the Presta valve. You need to then put the cap on the valve upside down and move it downside so that it is perfectly on the valve. Make sure that the cap should move downwards with the threads. 

4. Using An Air Compressor on the Presta Valve

Once you have accomplished that, you have to take the valve on the air compressor. You have to attach it with the modified cap of the Presta valve and lock it. Then you can add the compressed air to the air compressor as you do normally. After you have filled in the compressed air, you can take the modified cap off the valve. The valve will do into the self-locking stage. And you are done with inflating using an air compressor on a Presta valve. 

This way you can use an air compressor with a Presta valve. However, there are a few things which you should be careful about. First, be well-equipped while doing this job. Wear proper closed shoes and cover yourself completely so that there is no danger of getting hurt. 

Another thing that happens during the process is that the cap gets stuck in the air compressor valve. To remove that, you need to take the help of the screwer. You can insert that into the valve and twist it a bit. This will make the bottom half cap out of the valve of air compressor. The procedure was pretty simple, wasn’t it? 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I fill a Presta valve with an air compressor?

Yes, you can inflate a Presta valve using an air compressor. You will need a special adapter as well which is crucial for the successful accomplishment. 

2. How do you inflate a Presta valve without an adapter?

Yes, you can inflate the Presta valve without an adapter by first taking the cap off the Presta valve. This should be followed by the cap being unscrewed. Then, a modified cap is to be placed after which the pump can be attached. 

3. Why are Presta valves so difficult?

The Presta valves are so difficult because they follow the self-locking mechanism. They only open when subjected to high pressure otherwise they remain in the locked position.