How Many Amps Does An Air Compressor Use?

Air compressors are the most widely used machine in today’s world. With its use in multiple fields and domains, everyone has one in their home, offices, and other areas. Therefore, one needs to learn its complete usage and functions. The most important consideration in this regard is how many amps an air compressor uses. They are mainly classified into two broad types. No matter what the type is, the air compressor, in general, requires 12 V of DC current in order to run smoothly and function effectively. The most common use of air compressors is in inflating the tires, airbrushing, and other activities. 

Well, all of your questions and queries about amperage used by air compressors will be solved. This article sums it all in a comprehensive, detailed yet easy way. Read through to get all the information you wanted to know. 

How Many Amperes Does An Air Compressor Require? 

It is advised that the vehicle should not be switched off while employing the use of any air compressor. No matter what the type of air compressor or vehicle is, it should always be in running mode. This will not let the battery discharge and will ensure its longevity. If the air compressor you have consists of a plug that closely resembles the lighter, then it is highly likely that its amps range between 10-15. 

The power that the air compressor draws while working on 15 amperes is around 1650 watts. This way it draws the voltage of 110V. While the compressor having the capacity of 220 volts will be able to draw around 15 amperes. The power capacity will be enhanced to 3300 watts. 

In order for the successful operation of the air compressor, a power inverter is required. Most air compressors use a square type power inverter. The reason behind that is the square type works very effectively with the electric motors installed nowadays in machines. The general rule of the amperes used by the air compressor is that with every 12 V DC, the compressor approximately draws around 1 ampere. This can vary depending upon the working, efficiency, and atmospheric conditions. 

How to Opt for the Right Unit? 

All the air compressors, whether 110 units or 220 one, draw 12 volts of direct current. The compact, lightweight air compressors are extremely portable and are easy to carry around. These are used for the tasks which require carrying them from place to place. They draw very few currents of the order of a few amperes. The maximum current they draw is when they are fully loaded and that is just a couple of amperes. They can be used for the inflation of tires and other similar purposes as well. 

Now you might be wondering what is the most suitable type of air compressor for the batteries of the vehicle, right? This should be the one that can perfectly clamp to the top of the battery. Well, the simple answer is the air compressor with a large current drawing capacity. The air compressor for this purpose should work perfectly at full load. 

These air compressors draw exceptionally large currents. This is due to the reason that they require a lot of additional power together with the one that is required. The vehicle tires are large and require high air pressure. The handling of those tires is made possible with the excess power. Perfect inflation of tires would not be possible otherwise. 

These air compressors with 12 volts of power are great for use because they are uncomplicated to work with. Moreover, they provide you with continuous power which is again one of their plus points. All you need to do is to turn on the power of the main house circuit. Further, the amperage that a particular air compressor is using is indicated on the labeling. 

However, inflating tires is not the only thing air compressors are used for. You might need that for other activities. May it is heavy-duty industrial tasks or simple household daily tasks, air compressors are now used in every domain. Along with that, it is not important that you use a direct current air compressor, you can also use the one that uses alternate current. Moreover, the new class of hybrid air compressors has also caught the attention of many customers. They offer superb convenience as they can be converted from alternating current to direct current and vice versa, making the use simpler and more versatile. You can choose the appropriate type depending on the type of application. 

Final Verdict 

How many amperes an air compressor draws depends upon the type of air compressor you choose together with the activity you use it for. While the compact ones use just a few amperes, the large ones draw around 12 when fully loaded. The general rule to understand this is that an air compressor of 1 horsepower capacity will draw around 12 amperes of current. However, this can be altered based on the weather conditions, activities you use it for, and other considerations. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How many amps does an air compressor draw? 

If the compressor uses 240 volts of voltage, which is the most common type, it will be able to draw around 23 amperes of current. However, it largely depends upon other factors too therefore, it can be subjected to changes. 

2. How many amps does a 20-gallon air compressor use? 

If you have a 20-gallon compressor, it will use around 15 amperes. This will make it perfect for the 110V unit. 

3. How many amps does a 2hp air compressor use? 

The amperes a 2 horsepower use is around 11 amps for 110 volts unit while it is around 5 amps for 230 volts unit.