Air compressors are a machine that compresses the air, thereby enhancing its pressure. It achieves that by reducing the volume. This has a wide variety of applications. It can be used for various tasks. But can air compressors be used to blow up the balloons? Can it be used for such a small yet time-consuming task? Well, we will find that out. 

Even the smaller units of air compressors have the strength of rising the pressure of the air up to 100 psi. This is incredible when it comes to portable and compact air compressors. Since the blowing up of balloons requires just 14.7 psi, an air compressor will definitely be able to do that.

Use of Air Compressor For Blowing Balloons up 

 The balloons can vary in size. They can range from the one which is very small to the larger ones. The balloons which are greater in size are usually blown up using helium. Their applications demand that. Moreover, it has also been widely seen that these large balloons use oil as well. The large balloons are composed such that they have a large nozzle area allocated. This allows the air compressor to be connected to the balloon as the nozzle area and the output valve of the compressor can be linked to each other. 

This is an excellent application of air compressors as it saves time and labor. Imagine blowing up 500 balloons for the party, one cannot personally accomplish this task. The use of hand pumps is quite tiring in this case as well. This is where the air compressor, an automatic technology displays its significance. Therefore, it is always better to employ the use of modern and up-to-date technology

How Can You Use an Air Compressor to Blow Balloons?

The application, blowing up the balloons, requires lightweight, compact, and highly portable air compressors. This is due to the reason that the compressors have to be carried around because the place where the balloons are blown is not always the same. Moreover, one needs to move it around the place or carry it, therefore, this becomes essential that they have exceptional and unbeatable portability. 

The air compressors which are made for applications like this or inflating a tire are made highly specific to these. Convenience is a crucial quality that is taken as a top concern. The majority of the small and compact air compressors also contain a modern LED. The purpose of this LED is to display the current pressure in psi and other quantities. This lit screen will let us identify what the current pressure is with utmost ease, even when there is no light. 

The air compressors best suited to the balloon inflation application are of rotary types. They consist of an air pump which is absolutely oil-free. In addition to that, they feature a better and more effective duty cycle. All these qualities and features contribute to the reliability of the air compressor. 

However, you need to make sure to double-check the suggested or stated air pressure required. Normally, it is 14.7 psi minimum but it is best to keep it at this value to avoid any incidents. The balloon packets come with the indication of maximum inflation too. Therefore, you always have to consider the stated limit. 

The inflation of the balloon depends on what size it is. It will take longer for a bigger balloon. Normally, it just takes a couple of seconds. Once you have blown the balloon, the next step involves detaching the air hose or the outer valve from the nozzle provided on the balloon. Don’t forget to secure the nozzle after detaching the air hose. 

The process is very simple and requires no effort. Further, it takes a minimum of time. However, you need to be careful about a few things. First, always check for the inflation limit on the packaging. Second, carefully set the right pressure and double-check that using a gauge. Lastly, connections should be made carefully and attentively. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What PSI does it take to blow up a balloon?

In order for easy blowing up of the ballon, you require pressure equal to or higher than 14.7 psi. 

2. Will balloons float with an air pump?

No, balloons will not float with an air pump. They lack that when air-filled. In order to float, they are required to be filled with helium. 

3. Can you use an air compressor to inflate car tires?

The simple answer is yes, an air compressor can be used to inflate the tires. However, you need to take care of a few things for proper inflation.