The air compression industry has advanced widely and produces air compressors for all sizes. Air compressors range from home users to large industrial units. But to get hands-on with the best air compressors is a tough choice. With a large number of options available, buyers usually get confused.

Our Top Pick


Viair 00088 88P

  • Battery Clumps
  • Power Indicator
  • LED Indicator
  • Very compact.
  • Travel friendly
  • Long wire
  • Brass Screws


DEWALT Air Compressor

  • Quiet operation
  • Easily starts in cold conditions
  • High Pressure
  • Oil-Free Pump


AstroAI Tire Inflator

  • One-Click Operation
  • Fast Inflation
  • Digital Pressure Gauge
  • Auto Shutoff

First, you need to identify needs and then narrow down options accordingly. Portable air compressors are very effective and helpful for daily usage. Their size and ability make them a good choice for garage use. However, the selection of the best compact air compressor is a result based on the need and demands of the user.

Different users prefer different styles, qualities, and features. Some go for powerful high-end compressors, others prefer compact ones, and many prefer to have both. We have covered you if you feel confused with all those technical terms like PSI, CFM, dB, oil-free, etc. To make your selection headache down, we have compiled a list of the best compact air compressor 2022 with pros and cons. Read through the article to make the selection task a walk in the park.

Before Buying Best Compact air Compressor in 2022 Consider these things.

If you are a first-time buyer, read all the below guidelines carefully before purchasing. We have accumulated a list of all factors which you must consider beforehand.

  • Weight: The first thing while making a compressor purchase is to check its weight. A heavier compressor may not be suitable for you. Since we are reviewing compact compressors, we recommend the lighter, the better. Especially if you intend to use it at home, you must look for the one with low weight. High-weighted compressors are mostly used in industrial units.
  • DB Levels:  dB is the measuring unit for noise. And it is one of the important factors to look into before buying an air compressor. Some compressors generate a high level of sounds, thus affecting noise pollution. Similarly, you can easily find compact air compressors with low dB levels. We recommend opting for a compressor with a minimum dB value.
  • Motor Rating:   Another important factor to check in a compressor is its motor rating. MR is measured in KWs or horsepower (HPs). The higher the motor rating, the powerful its compressor is. You can find motor ratings starting from 0.5KWs up to 6 or 7KWs. Usually, smaller KWs or HPs motors are more suited for home purposes.
  •  Oil-Free: The lubrication of machines is important for the overall performance of the air compressor. Best air compressor manufacturers are producing both oil-free and oily machinery. We recommend oily machinery as they produce better compression results. They may be a bit expensive as compared to oil-free machines.
  • PSI Reading:  To measure pressure PSI (Pounds per square inch) is used. And it has to be one of the most important factors while deciding to buy an air compressor. Modern compressors have PSI readings ranging between 50 to165. A typical household compressor must have a PSI reading of around 90.
  • Air Displacement: A feature measured in CFM (cubic feet per minute) and depicts the flow rate or velocity of the air at which it is dispelled from the compressor. So a high CFM value means it has better air throwing pressure. Therefore, check the CFM value of an air compressor and prefer a higher value.

Best Compact Air Compressor – Detailed Reviewed

I have used a GX CS3 compressor and found it one of the best air compressors. I like to have air pressure control in my hand, which is the hallmark of the GX CS3 model. As it is oil-free, I prefer taking it while traveling. I can easily place it in my car trunk as it does not cover much space. In addition to testing it on the road, I connected it to a car battery and was surprised to see the output. GX CS3 produces high flow, noise-free air compression, unlike other air compressors. And fills190cc tank from 1800psi up to 3300psi in a mere two and a half minutes.

Key Features:

  • Home AC Adopter: GX CS3 has a unique home AC adopter option. This means you can easily use it at home by just clipping clamps to the adopter. Thus making it the best compact air compressor for use in the garage.
  • 3 type Safety Device: Keeping in mind the safety, a 3 type design including wire spool, adjustable pressure gauge, and burst disc is added. Therefore make sure you can use it without worrying about health and safety. Also, make it a safe purchase if you have kids back home. 
  • Inflation Speed: I have tested a GX CS3 and found it can fill the 1L tank in 5 minutes which makes it a good speed air compressor. And have a good duty cycle of 50 minutes (30 minutes run and 20 minutes cool)
  • Oil-Free: Since its machine is oil-free, it is a cost-effective compressor. Unlike traditional air compressors, it can save energy, time, and money for having an oil-free machine.
  • Auto Stop Valve: Another quality feature that allows users to save time and do other chores while the air compressor does its job. So, all you need is to set pressure value and time, and the GX CS3 air compressor will do the rest itself by letting you free.


  • Strong air throw
  • Lightweight
  • Oil-free Pump
  • Energy efficient


  • Noisy when used indoors

My car has a 33inch tire for which I used Viair, and it worked perfectly. However, if you have a bigger tire size, we recommend opting for other air compressors. However, we can easily rate it as the best portable air compressor for car 2022. It has a 12 voltage operating battery, making it an energy-efficient tool. The long air hose measuring 12ft is an added advantage, making it easy to use for long distances at home.

I also enjoyed its long 12ft cord, as we have to use it on the 2nd floor. It went easily up there and helped me complete my task, which a short cord would not have done.

Key Features:

  • Battery Clumps: Viair compressor comes with dual battery clamps. Making it easy to use indoors and outdoors with a regular car battery. All you need is too attached clumps to a car battery, and a portable air compressor is ready to perform.
  • Brass Screws: The Viair model has brass screws to avoid energy leakages. It also provides perfect fitting for sealing with the valve stem.
  • Vibration Control: Usually, compact air compressors vibrate when in use. But I noticed that Viair 00088 is vibration resistant even at a high PSI value. 
  • Extension Cord: A long 12ft air hose and 9ft power cord make the Viair air compressor stand out from the rest of compact compressors because the normal wire length for such compact air compressors is only around 5-7ft.
  • Power Indicator: The measuring meter has a built-in LED light, making it easy to read actual pressure at night.


  • Long wire
  • Very compact
  • Travel friendly
  • LED Indicator


  • Not suitable for tires size 34 and above

Makita air compressor is engineered for high results at low noise and durable machine life. By reaching a maximum of 140PSI level, it is a very handy tool for tough tasks. Like durability, portability is another star for the Makita MAC air compressor.

A powerful 2.5HP motor generates high-pressure compression, which allowed me to complete very important tasks in a blink of an eye. I also tested its noise levels with full capacity pressure and recorded a 79dB figure, which is pretty good for an air compressor of this power.

Key Features:

  • Twin Stack Tank: The Makita air compressor has a twin stacked tank, making it a durable product.
  • Big Bore Pump: To generate increased compression, fastest recovery, and low noise, Makita has added a big bore 2.5HP pump. Thus making it more efficient and effective.
  • Low Amplification: Makita’s best air compressor offers high output at low electric amplification. This function also helps the compressor’s motor avoid heating up and breaking down prematurely.
  • Roll Bar Handle: A roll bar handle provides additional protection and easy mobility. Also, making it easy to face tough job sites. 
  • Maintenance: Makita also offers easy maintenance options. It includes convenient oil drainage and sight glass, which supersedes conventional petcock designs. 
  • Warranty: Each product Makita dispatched into the market is quality checked and passed. But still, if you find any their product faulty. You are provided with 30 days product exchange or refund option. Hence making it a good buy for me as competitors usually do not offer a warranty.


  • Low noise
  • 30 days warranty
  • Oil-lubricated Pump
  • Durable cast iron cylinders
  • Big bore durable piston


  • Heavy
  • Not suited for traveling 

I have used a Dewalt air compressor for small construction and stairs, and it did not let me down. A 2.5gallon tank produces a hefty 90PSI pressure, suiting perfectly for my daily household chores. Being low weight, I can easily carry it around my house because it has a quick dual coupler that supports two nailers.

I can easily place it vertically or horizontally with its unique design, thus making it the best compact air compressor for home use. Reaching a maximum of 200PSI makes it an ideal compressor for various air tools and pneumatic operations.

Key Features:

  • Tank Drainage: Dewalt’s ball valve drain technology makes their air compressors completely drain out in no time, as the valves contract and extract, enabling thorough drainage of the waste.
  • High Pressure: 3.0 SCFM delivered at a rate of 90PSI Pump, 2.5 gallons, and a maximum of 200 PSI of the portable Dewalt air compressor.
  • Positioning: Dewalt air compressor can be placed either in a vertical position or horizontal way. Therefore saving space and making it possible to use in tight spaces.
  • Oil-Free Pump:  an oil-free pump, the Dewalt air compressor is cost-effective by offering extended maintenance-free operation.
  • All-rounder:  Since Dewalt’s compressor is compact, durable, and powerful; hence we can easily term it an all-rounder. It makes it a perfect buy for performing almost all garage or house-based duties.

Reasons to Buy

  • Lightweight but powerful
  • Power-efficient
  • Quiet operation
  • Easily starts in cold conditions

Reasons to Avoid

  • Valve assembly defect

As they have a double hose facility at the air compressor, I used them in group travel. It allowed me to fill the tires of two cars simultaneously, and it was an amazing experience. Since we usually do not get this facility with other air compressors of the same price range.

Similarly, as I had to keep air pressure stored for longer periods, Craftsman helped me with my problem. Because it has a 6-gallon large tank, I could keep it filled overnight and use the same level of air pressure the next day. I cannot forget to mention its quick recovery time, 2.6 SCFM at 90PSI.

Key Features:

  • Portability: a large 6-gallon capacity tank makes it a perfect air compressor for portability purposes. A Craftsman air compressor should make part of your car trunk if you intend to travel long.
  • Low maintenance: an oil-free compressor, Craftsman air compression machines do not cost much on maintenance. All you need is to keep dust and rust away from your Craftsman air compressor.
  • Quick Recovery: An advantage if you have an urgent task at hand, Craftsman compression offers you a quick recovery time of 2.6SCFM at 90PSI.
  • Durable: Durability is another common feature found in Craftsman air compressors. These are made out of the best available parts. Hence these are long-lasting machines making them one of the best air compressors for air tools.
  • Accessory Kit: I loved it when I received my Craftsman air compressor, as the box contained a full accessories kit as well. So if you are buying your first best compact air compressor, check for Craftsman air compressors.


  • Double Couplers
  • Quick Recovery
  • Portable
  • Durable
  • Easily starts in low temperatures


  • Loses pressure

It has a fast inflation speed, but it also offers me a programmable inflation option. Such an amazing feature allows you to free your time doing other important tasks. I was surprised to see its performance during travel.

My previous air compressor could only inflate a tire up to 33inches. In contrast, the AstroAI compressor quickly inflated my new 35 sized tires in fewer than 5 mins. Its long hose length makes a good option for all sorts of vehicles, including SUVs, bicycles, cars, and bikes. I love keeping it as my travel partner wherever I go.

Key Features:

  • Input: AstroAI air compressor is useful for almost all chores at home. It is perfect for small to medium-level tasks and easy to carry wherever you want.
  • One-Click Operation: The air compressor offers one-click operations, including change in pressure. Similarly, you turn it off/on with a single push of a button.
  • Auto shut off:  the AstroAI compressor gives you control over setting air pressure, thus saving your time. It means you do not have to stand over your compact air compressor to keep an eye on air pressure. You must set air pressure, and the motor will automatically turn off once it reaches that point.
  • Advance Accuracy: The accuracy measures are of high quality in an AstroAI compressor. Because these are products of high-quality materials, being professionally calibrated air compressors, you will receive accurate reading within an error estimation of 1.5% only.
  • Fast Inflation: Well, if you are in a hurry and need to inflate the tire in no time, AstroAI is fully capable of meeting your wish, as its inflator can fill up a tire as quickly as inside 5mins.


  • LED Light inside the gauge
  • Digital Pressure Gauge
  • Value for money
  • Preset pressure
  • Auto Shutoff
  • Portable


  • Not suitable for low temperatures
  • Plastic build

Like me, if you are an air guns enthusiast, then I would recommend you have an Autoins PCP air compressor with you. The source power comes from the battery, so it was equally available to me when there was a power shutdown in my area.

All I keep is to have its batteries charged up all the time. Also, making it very energy efficient compared to other models mentioned in our article. The burst disc and fuse inside the machine a big, which makes Autoins PCP a durable air compressor.

Key Features:

  • PCP Air Compression: Autoins is a PCP air compressor that works well with a 12V car battery and a household current of 110V. Having an oil-free machine makes it a clean and hygienic purchase.
  • Portable design: Very easy to carry around as it has a soft rubber handle on top of it. I loved carrying Autoins PCP compressors to tight places and fully enjoyed working with this compact air compressor.
  • Powerful Cooling Fan: The Auto ins air compressor has a powerful cooling fan, which keeps the interior of the compressor cool. Enabling its downtime to a minimum possible level.
  • Auto Power-off: An Autoins air compressor comes with an auto shut down feature. This is automatically triggered if the compressor reaches its set temperature, continuously inflates for 25 minutes, or reaches 85 degrees Celsius.
  • Paintball Tanks: With PCP air rifles or paintball guns, the Auctions air compressors are the right choice because they can easily fill almost all types of air guns and do their job in less than 10 minutes.


  • Auto Shut off
  • Error Beep
  • Oil/Water free
  • Large oil-water filter
  • Voltage setting dial


  • Slows over time


1. What factors should a buyer consider before buying the best compact air compressor?

There are several features a buyer must consider before buying a compact air compressor. But we will name common and the most important factors, including noise, air pressure, compactness, weight, mobility, and oily machine. We recommend you read our buying guide provided in this article to understand each of these factors further.

2. What is the common size of the best air compressor for home garage?

It normally depends on your garage size, but a study shows that for best results at home, you can opt for an air compressor with a capacity of around 5-6CFM because a higher capacity tank will take more time to refill.

3. How can I have maximum air compressing efficiency in my compressor?

You can follow a few hacks to improve air compression efficiency:

  • Try using a shorter length air hose
  • Keep pneumatic tools lubricated
  • Check compression tanks for any leakages
  • Use steady power sources 
  • Avoid direct water contact with compressing machine


We have reviewed the best small air compressor to buy by writing detailed self-experiences. In addition, we also mentioned the pros and cons of each of them, which will make your decision easy. However, to narrow down your search further, we recommend selecting anyone below three options, as they become our best compact air compressor.

  1. GX CS3 PCP Air Compressor offers a great deal of air pressure, compact design, and portability. It is among the best-reviewed compact air compressors.
  2. DEWALT Air Compressor carries a tank size of 2.5L, which offers easy long mobility, and it is very quiet when in use, and it a product of the state of the art material
  3. Makita MAC210Q  is an oil-free compact air compressor that operates on electricity, thus making it an energy-efficient air compressor.

We conclude our discussion on the best compact air compressor. Please go through the FAQs and Buyer Guide section to learn about the best portable air compressor.