Air Compressors have been immensely helpful in making our life much easier. What are these fantastic magic machines? Air compressors are units that help convert power derived from any fuel, be it gasoline or diesel, directly into potential energy. This energy can then be stored in the form of compressed air, and we can then use it from there onwards.

Not all air compressors will be perfect for your home garage. You need a unit that is both efficient and compact in size so that you can easily store it in your garage. In addition, you need to ensure reduced noise levels so that your family members don’t get disturbed when you are using the air compressor.

Don’t know how to find an air compressor that fits this description? Don’t worry because we carried out extensive research, tested hundreds of models, and finally put together a list of the top 7 best air compressors for home garage. Read on to learn all about them.


Senco PC1010

  • Sturdy material
  • Oil-free
  • Quick-disconnect coupler
  • Very lightweight design


CRAFTSMAN Air Compressor

  • Portable design
  • High storage capacity
  • Long run times



  • Compact dimensions
  • Wheels for portability
  • Good tank capacity
  • Dual voltage motor

The Essential Operation of an Electric Air compressor

Most air compressors consist of a single motor that utilizes the electrical energy derived from fuels and batteries. They then store this energy in the form of potential energy/ They do this by taking in all the air around, compressing it, and then keeping it. Air compressors force the compressed air into a giant tank specially engineered to store all the compressed air. Air pressure within the air tank rises continuously until the pressure reaches its peak capacity. After that, the unit automatically shuts down. The compressed air stored in the tank can be used for various tasks such as nailing, inflating, and other jobs. Once all the air stored in the tank has been used up, the motor automatically turns on and fills up the whole tank with compressed air all over again.

How to use an air compressor?

It is essential to understand the procedure of using an air compressor because you surely don’t want to just experiment with such machines. Initially, we ultimately set up the unit. To do this, if our unit is not oil-free, we begin by checking its oil levels. Then, we have to fix the air compressor’s hose onto its regulator valve. We then attach the power tool of the unit with its hose and provide power to a team through an electrical outlet.

Then, we check the air pressure level required by the power tool we are using, and we set the unit’s pressure regulator accordingly. The air compressor will gradually adjust according to the necessary air pressure.

Factors to Consider When Selecting The Best Air Compressor for Home Use

Investing in an air compressor requires a lot of technical knowledge. There are many factors that you need to consider. Following are some of the significant features you should look for in an air compressor.

  • Power

We measure an air compressor’s power in Horsepower. You can very easily check the horsepower value required by the compressor. However, this is not enough as manufacturers usually exaggerate the required capacity of the air compressor. In order to be entirely sure, check the exact electrical power needed for the unit for proper operation.

  • Oil-free

Air compressors that are oil-free allow you to spend less on maintenance. In addition, you don’t even have to worry about oil levels. It will also be easier to handle the compressor. Additionally, all oil-free air compressors tend to be more eco-friendly.

However, oil-lubricated air compressors come with their unique benefits. These units tend to operate quietly. In addition, they are also much more durable due to reduced wear and tear due to oil lubrication. These units tend to perform much better when used for heavy-duty jobs. Therefore, choose the unit which best suits your purpose.

  • Air Pressure

Air pressure is the feature due to which you are investing in an air compressor. Therefore, make sure you go for the best air pressure available. Most power tools require a minimum of 90 PSI to operate properly. Most air compressors come in two stages. The first stage consists of the air compressors going up to 90 PSI. The unit goes towards its maximum air pressure capacity in the next stage. Make sure you check if any objects are coming in the way of the air compressor’s hose. This will restrict the air compressor from reaching its total capacity.

  • The capacity of the tank

Capacity isn’t actually a very important feature to consider unless you are going for some heavy-duty work. In that case, you will need to go for a much bigger tank. This is important for the air compressor to work steadily and without any breaks. However, tank capacity affects the cost as well as the air compressor’s weight.

  • Portability of the unit

If you intend on moving the unit around or taking it with you on the road, then you must consider the portability of the unit. Either go for a unit that is lightweight or one that has wheels or some features to help make it more portable.

  • Noise

If you want to keep the unit inside your home, it is important to make sure that it does not make a lot of noise. Oil-lubricated units produce less noise as compared to oil-free ones.

Gas Vs. Electric Air Compressor

Generally, electric air compressors are used much more than gas air compressors. However, if you need to use electric air compressors, you will either need to carry an extension or operate them near a power socket which would surely limit their portability. On the other hand, gas-powered air compressors do not need a power connection. Therefore, you can easily move them around. However, gas-powered air compressors offer limited run times as they have a limited capacity tank. Gas-powered air compressors are also a little more expensive as compared to electric ones.

SCFM vs. CFM: Differences

SCFM and CFM are the two terms that are used to describe the air volume moved by the unit. CFM is the acronym for Cubic Feet per Minute. This helps measure the rate at which the compressor is filling up. The full form for SCFM is Standard Cubic Feet per Minute. This helps us measure the rate at which air is filling at standard temperature and pressure. On the other hand, SCFM allows you to compare the rates of varying air compressors.

Best Air Compressors For Home Garage Use – Detailed Reviewed

The huge 1720 RPM pump ensures greater displacement at a much slower RPM. This helped reduce the noise levels, and we enjoyed its peaceful operation. The combined operation of the cast iron pump and the cylinder with a big bore allows for extremely efficient performance.

This unique feature about this unit is the low amp draw. This helps avoid any accidents which could potentially be caused by any tripped breakers in addition to voltage drops which could potentially lead to drastic motor failure.

The Makita MAC700 is manufactured using cast iron which helps make it durable. Oil lubrication of the unit helps minimize any internal damage which could be caused due to friction. Some user-friendly features include an extremely easy-to-use oil drain, a tank drain valve in addition to a sight glass which helps in making maintenance much easier and also stress-free.

Despite being a little more expensive, the super-efficient and extremely productive working of the Makita MAC700 helps make it worth every penny.

Reasons to Buy

  • Efficient
  • Safe
  • Durable
  • Stable

Reasons to Avoid

  • A little expensive

What sets this unit apart from its competitors is that it offers a capacity of up to 2.5 gallons. This allows the unit to deliver air pressure with much longer run times. We were able to complete our jobs without any kind of interruptions. Manufactured using cast aluminum, the cylinder of this unit, along with a super-strong roll cage, helps provide protection to the air compressor against damages.

In addition to being efficient, this unit is also very lightweight. It also comes with a compact design. This design helps ensure easy portability. This means you will be able to easily carry the unit around the garage. You will be able to carry this unit around the car. This means you don’t have to pull on the hose over your freshly done job.

In conclusion, the operation of this unit is applauded by all so we would surely recommend it.

Reasons to Buy

  • Light
  • Quiet
  • Compact
  • Efficient

Reasons to Avoid

  • Filter for air has not been fitted properly

The powerful engine with its high-speed output helps reduce any damage due to friction. It also adds to the quiet nature of this unit. It helps deliver the maximum air pressure at up to 120 bar. This helps make it much more compatible with home garage appliances. This unit has a good 4.7-gallon fuel tank. This capacity helps deliver super long run times. This allows you to complete your extended jobs without any trouble.

It is oil-free. This feature makes it suitable for efficient use in super harsh conditions. It also helps enhance its efficiency as well as precision. This unit has a sturdy metal body, so it will surely last a long time. Being lightweight, this unit is also much more portable. This allows you to easily carry the air compressor around or carry it along on the road with you.

We are quite satisfied with this unit’s power delivery as well as its precision. Therefore, we have picked it as the best portable air compressor for home garage.

Reasons to Buy

  • Heavy-duty use
  • Quiet
  • Lightweight
  • Durable

Reasons to Avoid

  • Lack of safety features

This unit features a 2 cylinder in-line design which helps enhance its balance in addition to the smoothness of its output. It comes with a huge 4-gallon tank which allows for delivering air pressure which is required by the power tool being used. The oil-free design of the unit makes the unit low maintenance and, in turn, cuts down on costs of maintenance.

This air compressor is made using cast iron which helps make it quite durable and is also the reason for its increased life span. The placement of a convenient handle allows you to move the unit around the home garage without any trouble. It also features a solid-state startup switch which helps in ensuring a convenient startup of the unit.

We are quite satisfied with the high capacity as well as the powerful operation of this unit. We would surely recommend it for use in your home garage, and we consider it the best electric air compressor for home garage as well as the best quiet air compressor for home garage.

Reasons to Buy

  • Long warranty
  • Good capacity
  • Helpful user manual

Reasons to Avoid

  • Super Expansive

Coming up as a contender for the best vertical air compressor for home garage, we present to you the Craftsman Air Compressor. Being our 5th pick for this list, this unit also has a lot to offer. The huge 6-gallon gas tank can help deliver high air pressure in order to easily operate power tools for extended hours. This allows you to easily get long and heavy-duty jobs completed quickly and efficiently.

It offers high air pressure and maximum air pressure delivery which helps make the unit compatible with various tools for painting jobs as well as other jobs performed in the home garage. This unit receives all its power from its powerful motor, which ensures enhanced productivity in addition to efficiency.

This unit has an amazing vertical design which helps in saving a lot of storage space. This means that it can easily fit into even super tight places. The low noise levels of this unit help ensure that you can keep it indoors and operate it without causing any disturbance. It will last you a super long time and will also help you with all kinds of jobs requiring the use of power tools.

We appreciate the operation as well as the pressure capacity of this unit, and for that reason, we would surely recommend it to you.

Reasons to Buy

  • Long run times
  • Powerful motor
  • Attractive design
  • Durable

Reasons to Avoid

  • A little heavy

This unit can easily cover the increased surface area and also utilizes the air pressure very efficiently. This unit’s motor has a dual voltage operation which means it can easily operate on either 120V or 240V. The 2-cylinder pump of this air compressor is manufactured using cast iron which helps make it much more durable and sturdier.

This unit has an oil-lubricated design which helps prevent any wear and tear and also assists in reducing noise levels. It comes with a 20-gallon tank which helps deliver super-long run times, which is useful for longer jobs.

Some user-friendly features of this unit include one quick-set regulator in addition to some pressure gauges, which help in the easy set up of the pressure levels of this unit as per the requirement of the power tool underuse. The pneumatic wheels which are attached to this unit help make the air compressor much more portable. This means you will be able to easily drag the unit around the garage to where ever you need to use it.

In a nutshell, this unit offers great pressure delivery in addition to capacity, which helps make it one of the best air compressors for a home garage.

Reasons to Buy

  • Stable
  • Good capacity
  • portable
  • Long run times

Reasons to Avoid

  • frequent maintenance is required

The last product for this list is the Senco PC1010. Even though we have placed it at the end of this list, it is still quite a decent product that can be used in your home garage. It offers a decent power output in addition to a reasonable pressure delivery. For this reason, we consider it the best air compressor for tires.

The powerful motor of this unit allows you to get paint jobs and other pressure-related jobs done efficiently while also ensuring a good finish. The high pressure allows you to run the most powerful tools that are used in home garages. It is completely oil-free, which means that you do not have to invest in maintenance costs.

This unit is also very lightweight. This means that you can very easily hand-carry the air compressor around the garage. You can even carry the unit along while on the road. Sound levels are not that high either which ensures a comfortable and convenient operation. It is also quite reasonably priced. It comes with a 1-year warranty. This means that you do not have faults and damages to worry about.

This unit is quite reasonable for use in home garages, and so we would surely recommend it to you.

Reasons to Buy

  • Low maintenance
  • Stable
  • Reasonable price
  • Light

Reasons to Avoid

  • Material of unit is not of high quality


If you ask us, we would surely recommend the Makita MAC700 to you for use in the house garage. However, you don’t have to just pick this one because we asked you to. Make sure you make an informed decision by going through the entire list and picking the product which best suits your needs and requirements. Make sure you set a strict budget and do not go under or beyond it because you do not want to overspend, and you also don’t want to make a cheap choice. If you have any other questions, reach out to us, and we would love to answer them. Good luck!


  1. What is a good size air compressor to run air tools?

Answer: An air compressor that delivers air pressure at 10 to 110 CFM is good enough for powering air tools.

  1. What is the best air compressor for a home?

Answer: We have picked the Makita MAC700 is the best air compressor for home garage.

  1. How do I choose an air compressor?

Answer: In order to choose an air compressor, make sure you consider the factors mentioned in our buying guide.

  1. What is a 3-gallon air compressor good for?

Answer: A 3-gallon air compressor will be able to handle most air tools in your home garage.